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Skinny Potatoes

I like this name. I always thought potatoes made you fat! I found this book on the ‘Help Yourself’ table last Friday when I met my Photoshop Gang. I was surprised to see the book for it is in English – actually the American variety. I put in my rucksack and spent some time this week browsing through the recipes.

The author correctly asks, “Why Skinny Potatoes?” on page 1. A good way to start. I smiled as I read a list of names for a potato. Do you know all these? ‘spud’,’tater’, ‘tatie’, ‘tato’. They do not match the grand sounding French ‘pomme de terre’ = ‘apple of the earth’.

The author claims the book “focuses upon the healthful (new word for me) properties of the potato and upon cooking methods, ingredients, and garnishes that retain the healthy and nutritious nature of the potato itself”. Sounds good!

I have browsed through sections such as Appetizers, Soup, Stir-Fry, Baked with Toppings, Steamed, Salads, Grilled, Side Dishes. I think I will start with ‘German Potato Pudding’ and there is no meat in it. If successful, I shall invite a couple of Oldies round to sample my ‘Spud’ skills.