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Mug Ganging

I met my Muggelsee Gang yesterday evening. We should have met in a restaurant in Spandau, but part of our Gang who live there were on hols over Christmas so could not organise it. I was asked to step in and that I did.

I booked a table at a popular German restaurant on the main road not far from where I live. It proved to be popular and all were happy with my choice 🙂
We had lots to catch up on and we did that over a few glasses as we waited for the food to be cooked.

We talked about the important things that had happened in 2015. One couple had become grandparents for the first time and I shared my adventures at two weddings. My blog readers will know which ones I am talking about!  I showed them some photos and that started more talk about memorable weddings they had been to.

We ended by talking about our next meeting. This will be on 1 May for a bicycle tour and that will be somewhere around Bernau to the north-west of Berlin. Looking forward to that!