Left bed

Lost Days

Since Monday life has been a blur of tablets, pills, inhalers and more pills while not sleeping and not sure what time of day it was. I went to my Docs on Monday. He diagnosed a not very nice strain of bronchitis.
Where did that come from? I had my usual ant-flu jab at the start of November.

We wondered if it had anything to do with the time of year for it is exactly now when my allergies start. He decided to send my blood sample for testing and this grand event will take place on Friday next week. The delay is for my body to get rid of the bronchitis cells and all the medicine I am taking.

Then started my life of ‘blur’. My regular sleep pattern stopped last Friday, so by Monday I was used to sitting in the kitchen sipping endless cups of green tea when I should have been in the land of nod. Last Monday and Tuesday nights I only managed to sleep one hour.

I then noticed a change in eating. I lost my appetite and something worse happened. It happened when I tried to eat a pizza with a glass of red wine. I gave up after two mouthfuls of the pizza and one ‘schluck’ of red wine. I threw both away! Unheard of since I went to Uni and discovered the red liquid with the help of ladies T and S :-))

I managed to sleep last night so think I am slowly ‘on the mend’. I hope to be fit for Saturday night when I meet my Mugglesee Gang in a local restaurant for a New Year meal, and catching up on news and events.

I leave you with a photo I recently received. It made me wonder what there is about the ‘Brit’ mentality that makes them design and built such beach huts. Does this come under the heading ‘This is what makes us British’?  I wonder if you will find them anywhere else on the planet?