Left bed

January 2016 Things

Yes, I had a very pleasant afternoon/evening with my guests yesterday. The lady with the little dog didn’t arrive. She called to say that ‘Woofie’ was ill. She thought he had eaten too much Christmas food. Na ja, who gave Woofie the food?

Anyway, after my guests left I washed up then settled into bed with my book as the first of the early fireworks went off. In sleep I moved from 2015 to 2016 and even woke up late this morning. I’ve been lazy again by dozing on the sofa between reading another book.

Next week looks to be a quiet one, but the week after shows a return to routine appointments, including teaching my nice Oldies again. Looking forward to seeing them and hearing about what they did during the holidays. I’m already planning trips and travel for 2016 but more of that later.

I shall end this entry into a new year with a glance back to the last one via a photograph. Here it is. This is my PHOTO OF THE YEAR 2015. Isn’t it great. I know there have been many nice and interesting photos on my blog but this has to take top place :-))

Who has a birthday in January 2016? 

 Dr. Peter L. in Canterbury hits 56 on the 5th. Hannelore will celebrate her 73rd with Peter in Claviers near Nice on the 13th. I’ve been invited to have a holiday with them there in summer. Nice in Nice! Harald P. celebrates his 52nd with family in Berlin on the 21st and in Potsdam on the 24th, Prof.Dr. Graf Peter von Longlegs will celebrate his 32nd. I think he is the youngest of Jan’s Abi Gang. To end this month of birthdays we move to New Zealand for Paul  will celebrate his 31st with wife and two little sons on the 27th. 

Happy Birthday to all and each no matter how old or where you are :-))