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Christmas Eve

It is Christmas Eve in Berlin as I type these words. I’ve had a really pleasant day. It started with being lazy and reading a book as I sipped a cup of tea. Then I decided I needed to vacuum my place, shower and slowly get into the day. My lazy plan was ended by a telephone call.

It was from Gerald and Jutta to say, “Wo bist du! – where are you? They were waiting for me to have Christmas breakfast with them and the rest of the Berlin Gang. I just left everything where it was, had a quick brrrrr with the shaver over my cheeks, ran through the shower and jumped into some clean clothes.

Packed presents into my rucksack, picked up my bicycle and set off for their place. It is all of 12 minutes but it took me 15 for I had to slow down to avoid dozy late shoppers who wandered onto the cycle tracks. Yes, we have such things in Berlin! I got there just before 11 am – only two hours late.

My mistake for I thought the invitation was for supper and not breakfast. It was great to see my Berlin Gang again. Lots of talking, catching up on news, good food and drinks. Then I told them I had brought my camera for I wanted to take a couple of photos to send to Colin and his Gang in Australia.

You know them all by now for I posted about them when they were in Berlin during summer. My Berlin Gang readily agreed to have their photo taken, so here are a couple of shots. I have just sent them to Colin so he can share the moment when he wakes up in a few hours and emerges into Christmas Day with his family on their dairy farm north of Sydney.

My place still needs cleaning – perhaps tomorrow :-))  Have a great Christmas Eve.