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Spring is sprung!

There is an old ‘Britsh’ English word play based on the first signs of Spring. Here it is with a small change made by me. ‘Spring is sprung, the grass is ris. I wonder where Christmas is!’  Instead of Christmas the last section should be – ‘— I wonder where the Birdies is!’.

I thought about it this afternoon when I took the rubbish out to the bins near the garden. I wandered into the garden when I saw some buds on a small bush which, at this time of year, should not be there.  I have heard reports of “unseasonal” weather in the UK, particularly the north of England, including storms and flooding.

The weather ‘experts’ seem to agree that it is much too warm and generally dry for the time of year – north England being the exception. I wonder if I will be able to sit on my balcony in the sun on Christmas Day. Now, that would be nice.

It has also been very hot ‘Down-Under’ recently. I got an interesting E-mail from Colin in the south-east of Australia. They had a period of nearly 40°C. Now that really did make me want to be there! At the moment it is cooler and there is rain. He said the plants and gardens need the rain.

He’s already headed north to spend Christmas with his family at their dairy farm. Wonder if  they’ll be having a ‘Barbi’ on the 25th with 40°C in the shade.