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Yuk! How can anyone eat this? It is called Hackfleisch in German. In English this means minced meat. I think I posted a similar comment last Christmas, but I am sure most of you have forgotten. I thought it was only eaten in Berlin, but friends told me it can be found all over the country.

They also said it had to be eaten while still ‘fresh’ and not left to stand on a table for hours. It is raw meat. Yes, I wrote the word raw!  I took this shot with my phone camera last Friday. It was after training with Kerstin’s Oldies.

We set the tables and opened a few bottles of sekt. This bowl of minced raw meat was set in front of my place. I quickly moved it. It is smeared onto bread rolls, topped off with freshly cut onions to which you add salt and pepper…… then stuff into your mouth!!

Yuk….oh no!! How can anyone eat this? I never was a great meat eater, and for many years was vegetarian, so that may be why I find it so repulsive. I called it ‘cannibalism’ on Friday, but my fellow members of Kerstin’s Gang just smiled. chewed on more and said, “Yummy”.

Apart from that I had a pleasant week. Hope you did too.