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Nice present

Last Friday started, as usual, with Kerstin’s ‘Stretching and Movement Course for Seniors’ at 10.00 am. We were a small group. No surprise there for it is Christmas shopping time. Next Friday we are having our Christmas Party after training. I’m looking forward to that. My contribution is to take two bottles of Sekt = Sparkling Wine.

I did some shopping for the weekend on my way home in the afternoon. I was lazy and did not update my blog!! I took out Daniel’s file and waited for him. He rang the bell early and entered. We talked about the English he had to do over the Christmas holiday and started to plan his writing.

We also discussed his holiday plans. He is going to Moldova with his father on a very long bus journey. He is looking forward to seeing a certain young lady again :-)) as well as seeing his wider family.

He reached into his rucksack and pulled out a very nice bottle. Wow! A present from his family to say thanks for helping him with his English. Thanks family. I wonder what it tastes like for it is new to me. I’ll let you know in a post-holiday report.