Left bed


Two faces to make you smile. The first is of……yes, you guessed right. It is Jan. It was great to see him on Monday. He looked really well given a rather hectic weekend of visits. Arancha was in a business meeting, and not in Berlin, so unfortunately I could not meet her.

I offered Jan, water, green tea or coffee. He just smiled, walked to the fridge, opened the door and said he had sound something better :-))) We caught up on important news and then it was time for me to leave for teaching. He offered to drive me there.

I accepted immediately for it meant we had more time to chat and catch up on news. He is now back home with Milady A. They are going to Spain for Christmas/New Year, so I shall see them again when they visit in 2016.

While waiting for him I created a face. Yes, I know I am a little late but I enjoyed creating Freddie the Face! I hollowed out the centre and placed a ‘tea candle’ in it. I could then see how it looked in an illuminated state. I could see the eyes were not right.

They were too small. Back to the knife and my ‘creativity’. I made the eyes larger then noticed Freddie looked rather bland. A thick black pencil was the answer. I gave him eyebrows and a mouth, but then I noticed it looked more like a moustache!

Freddie will be the table decoration on Sunday when three nice ladies drop in for coffee and cakes in the afternoon. I’m sure Freddie will make them smile:-)  After that, we are going to a concert to hear the Christmas Oratorium by Bach Snr.