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December 2015 Things

Waiting for Jan to arrive. Later I am teaching my Monday Oldies. They are so called to differentiate them from my Tuesday Oldies! After that I am going to a(n) SPD conference. Members will form 6 groups to discuss policies for the district to be pursued over the next ten years.

December has the usual meetings and activities, but so far with five parties planned! Next Sunday I’m going to the local protestant church with Johanna and Gang to enjoy a performance of Bach’s Weihnachts(Christmas)oratorium.

I recently got an e-mail from Holger. He was sorting through some papers and found a couple of photos. He sent copies to me. What a surprise! They were taken in 1987 when he, Gabi, Rolf and a couple of friends did a UK tour taking in Brighton, which is where I met them. Rolf is in the photo and I think he is smoking a cigarette – as usual!

The photos were taken outside my flat. Vernon Terrace if you can remember. My flat was on the second floor and behind the three bowed windows was the living room.

It was here that I finished my academic writing, fell in love with Anne, went with her to classical music classes, had to stay in hospital with first suspected heart attack, and planned my escape from the UK. Very mixed memories. Thanks for the photos Holger!

Who has a birthday in December? Michael N. starts the month with his 51st on the 5th, Stefan of Photoshop fame will be 55 on the 7th, ‘Bruv-in-Law’ Geoff will celebrate his birthday in Silsden with sister Fran on the 13th. My great niece Evie will be all of 8 years old on the 18th. Julie B. will be 41 on the 20th which she shares with Thomas here in Berlin who will be 55 on that day. Neil D. will be 69 on the 28th. On that day Stefan Sch. will be 32. As usual, Ian in Australia ends the birthday list with his 56th on the 30th. A day he will no doubt celebrate with Birgit.

Happy Birthday to each and all and have a wonderful day with family and friends!