Left bed


Yes, it is snowing and the temperature on my balcony is 6°C. It is the first snow of the season. Perhaps the heavens decided to open to welcome the new ‘Genosse-Vertreter Johannes’ :-))

I woke early and found my head full of ideas to write a pamphlet to the EVM-Genossin I now represent. I decided to take this week to do it and then have it checked by Marita. When printed out I shall deliver it to each member’s post box. That way they shall quickly get to know Vertreter Johannes!

I started the day with a strange urge to clean my fridge-freezer. I discovered a lot of fish in the freezer. They all went into three different cooking pots as I continued to clean the fridge. My flat stank of cooked fish as I pushed on with the cleaning.

I now have a very clean fridge-freezer and lots of fish to put on the menu this week. I wonder what to cook with the fish to make it/them interesting and edible?

Next week looks very much like last week for appointments. The big test will be on Friday. Let’s see if Daniel is able to sort his diary out and get to my place at 5.00 pm, as agreed last Friday.  Daniel …. note that it is pm = evening, and not am = morning!!!