Left bed


There was an appointment with Daniel in my diary at 4.00 pm today. In German this is 16.00 Uhr but we always agree to write out our appointments in English. I waited, and waited, and waited. He only has a ‘smart phone’ which I called five times between 4 and 5.00 pm. No answer.

I wanted to ask the standard question, ‘Where are you’, but couldn’t. I couldn’t understand why he didn’t have his phone on and/or with an answer phone service. I even have all these services on my ‘non-smart phones’!

At 5.00 pm he rang my doorbell. I asked him about his phone and he said it was at home! Do you buy a smart phone to leave it at home? I told him he was late and so there would be no lesson today. He wasn’t happy about that. I asked him where the note was on which I had written the appointment for today. The answer was, ‘I don’t know!’

Being a nice person  :-)) I offered him some tea and McVitie Digestives. We started with the originals and then I offered him a biscuit with milk chocolate. He liked the chocolate digestive better so I gave him the rest of the packet to take home.

He then asked me why I had not up-dated my blog for a week. My answer was, ‘ I had nothing of interest or important to say’. He just stared at me in surprise.

We then agreed to meet next week and I wrote the appointment in my diary. He wrote it on a piece of paper and then he left. As I closed the door I looked at my diary. Guess what?  His note was still on my diary.

He had forgotten to pick it up. Here it is. I wonder if it has anything to do with being nineteen or even twenty for Marcel has a gold medal for being the worst time organiser in Berlin! Marcel – be careful for you have a new competitor for your title!