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Writing Talent

I recently posted about sister Frances’ sketching/painting talent and sister Pauline’s poem writing talent. Nice to report another one. It is about Holger in Bremen. He recently visited Berlin in the company of his better half, the wonderful Gabi. I posted a story and photos about their visit.

He gave me a book as a present and to mark our first meeting in many years. I recently finished reading the giant book about ‘The German Genius’ and so only recently opened his present. It is a book of 22 short stories by the same number of writers. They are illustrated crime stories about art. This is the common link.

The book is in German and composed of stories by local ‘hobby’ writers. Like Holger, they all have full time jobs and write as a hobby. They are also members of a Bremen based writers group who meet up and plan writing tasks. I can recommend the book to all my German readers. The ISBN is 978 – 3 – 95494 – 048 – 6.

Holger’s story is at the end of the book on page 164. His story is called ‘Der Kunstliebhaber’ which I translate as ‘The art lover’. It begins with a man sitting at home who will shortly die. He is surrounded by lots of valuable paintings, but they mean nothing to that which he saw years ago, could never forget and saw again only that day. The story then moves to Guernica in Spain in the spring of 1937 and unfolds.

Very nice story Holger and I hope millions of Germans buy the collective book and you all write another one. Now to read the stories of others in your writers collective. Happy reading!