Left bed


Unbelievable but I found some. What? McVitie’s Digestive biscuits, of course! The first time ever in Berlin. The story began earlier today. I galloped to my local bus stop for the 09:38 towards Lichtenburg S-Bahn/U-Bahn/Regional station.

I wanted to go to the AWO building where we Oldie SPD members meet for our Thursday breakfast. I got there at 10.00 am, which is when the chewing and slurping normally begins. But not today. Some idiots got into the empty flat about the AWO rooms and opened all the taps. Breakfast was literally ‘washed out’! I believe the police are investigating.

Denied of my Oldie Breakfast, I walked to the station and decided to look around the recently opened EDEKA supermarket there. It is a large chain in Germany and boasts a wide range of goods. I browsed the aisles and then my eyes came out like ‘organ stops!!’

I stared at a range of McVitie biscuits. They stared at me and we both blinked!  The classic digestive and one with chocolate. They whispered, “Buy Me”. So I did, and more than one packet.  I am going to munch them later with coffee. Now how can I get a store to sell Pork Pies from Skipton?