Left bed

Before and After

I couldn’t wait to try the McVitie biscuits, so as I munched the first one I thought I should do something else in addition to chew. Yesterday I sorted out three bags of paperwork and threw most into the re-cycling bin. With no more paper to occupy my time. I looked for something else to do.

I decided to polish the silver again. Some time ago I found these pieces in the cellar and returned them to my living room. I was rather surprised at how dark they had become during their long sleep in the cellar. Stefan: Now tell me they were not sleeping!

I enjoyed seeing them return to bright shiny life as I munched the McVities with coffee. I thought about the other silver, bronze, copper objects in the cellar which I brought back from India many years ago. I need another room for these, and my paintings from India.

They don’t fit into my current room designs. I need a larger place with an India Room. That is a good idea — and now it is time for another McVitie!