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November 2014 Things

October was a month of mixed things. Some old and some new. It was dominated by a return to regular  teaching which ended yesterday, and helping two groups of mainly senior women to improve their English. They need it for travel/tourism next Spring and Summer.

They are great fun to be with for they have life experience on which to base communication. They seem to like it for the keep asking if friends can join. We now have two groups and they do all the homework and enjoy talking. Hope they keep talking during November :-))

I’m looking forward to getting back into my weekly routine, particularly to training and meeting Kerstin’s Oldie Keep Fit Gang on a Friday morning. In addition I have my PhotoClub, on Wednesday afternoon, the SPD Senior Breakfast Gang each Thursday morning, Photoshop Gang each Friday afternoon and my Spanish Gang on Tuesday afternoon.

I’ve also been invited to a number of SPD meetings including a regional conference on the 10th November, and a conference about the future programme of the SPD at the end of the month. Should be interesting and that I can in some small way influence policy which has an impact on the lives of many Berliners.

Who has a birthday in November? Daniel hits all of 19 tomorrow, Jeff/Robb/Annie all celebrate their 60th birthday on the 19th November in/around Amersfoort in the Netherlands, Sarah follows on 22nd November with her 55th in London, Stephen S. hits 58 on the 28th in Berlin and ends our birthday list. Happy Birthday to each and all and have a great day with family and friends!