Left bed


The meaning of this word has certainly changed a lot since used to describe a place opposite to hell. I can give an example as follows: Living in Berlin with no pork pies is hell! Living in Skipton near the pork pie shop opposite the church would be heaven!

How about that for changing word meaning? This superb image was sent by cousin Barbara. I think all weddings in the UK should stop including the three tier wedding cake and replace it  with this luxury version of a pork pie family.

Every time I look at it I can taste again the Skipton pie shop products. Biting into the sill warm pastry, into the succulent spiced meat and feeling the juice running down my chin. Chew, chew and enjoy the changes in taste before swallowing and getting the jaws ready for another bite.

If I lived near that pie shop I would weigh about 250 kilo by now! Thanks Barbara and I think we should go to the shop together when I visit next June. We could take a camera to record me entering a real state of Heaven —- and with juice running off my chin!