Left bed

Sleeping leaves

In my last post I told you about the onset of Autumn. I used a tree in my garden to show leaves turning to golden shades and that they were falling onto the ground — to sleep!

I got a few nice e-mails about using this phrase/playing with English. Glad you liked it! Now you can see all of what one week can do. Here is a photo of the same tree, but without leaves. Yes, you can see them all on the ground and sleeping.

I decided to take a wider shot of the garden to show the really BIG tree. This still has a lot of leaves about to fall but you can see that its fallen leaves have already covered a large area of the garden. They are also sleeping, and if you go into the garden after 10.00pm you can hear some of them snoring lightly. I jest not :-))

This week has started well, but the hard bit starts tomorrow with lots of teaching and travel for the next three days. At least the students are now clearly making progress, but then they do work hard.

I’ve just returned from a Spanish lesson where all of us ended up looking very lost after trying to understand all the rules about irregular verbs. At least I am not the only one to be lost in what to us looks like lots of confusing mathematical tables! Now to do my homework.