Left bed

Season change

Today the clocks went back one hour in Europe. We are now officially in Autumn/Winter time. This is NOT my favourite time of the year. I am a Spring/Summer Mensch. Months of dark, dreary, grey, wet, cold days are waiting for me.

I have already dragged bags of winter clothes out of the cellar, and put summer clothes in their place. As ever, Berliners do the same and the colour of the next six months is ….. guess what?……Yes, you are right. It is BLACK! We look like a host of shadows moving around!

I took this photo of a nice tree in my garden a week ago. Now most of the leaves are sleeping on the ground. Surprising how quickly some things change. I wanted to sleep long and late this morning, but my body clock had a different idea. Yes, it woke me at 6.45pm – new time. I tried to sleep but gave up.

I decided to just get into the day so I updated the security on my laptop, did lesson plan preparation for my Oldies on Monday and Tuesday, then my Spanish homework. I tried to understand Spanish irregular verbs and decided I had to learn them like mathematics. Problem is that I can’t keep all the rules in my head. I could when I was 13!  Have a restful Sunday.