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Daniel iPad

Hello, this is Daniel, and not John!

As you can see on this picture, I am holding my new iPad. The story is that I applied for a scholarship last May. I thought I wouldn’t get it but I am  pleased to say that I was wrong!

I got a letter from the foundation to say that I would receive the scholarship for my new studies at a college. At the end of August, I started a course to prepare me for A-levels  in medical laboratory work.

As you read on John’s blog, we went to Hamburg where I  received a certificate and scholarship details. This included money to buy a new laptop and a tablet.

Last week I bought this iPad, and I have just added it on John’s W-Lan. That means I can look for English words on the internet when I come for English lessons.

John is envious and threatened to steal it. No way :-))    My next task is to find a suitable laptop by next week.  I asked him if he thought Patrizia would read this, as she did his post about dogs/pets. He said he was sure for he would show her this post tomorrow, Friday.