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Artist Adam

I think it is the first time on my blog that I have posted reports about two artists after each other. My last blog was about sister Frances the artist.

This is about Adam the artist. I posted a story about him and his work some months ago. Can’t be sure when so just put those words into my blog search window and you will find him.

He lives with his parents in London and studies at a university there. His hobby is creating images. When I was at school it was called pottery. His parents call his creations ‘Adam’s Pots’.

I think he should stop studying and become a full-time pottery artist. I know it is difficult to earn a living as a full-time artist, but he certainly has the talent.

I have selected three of his works of art to share with you. If you would like to own one of his works of art then please contact me. I shall then contact him/his parents on your behalf to start the process of you buying one of his ‘pots’, or even an animal.

It is interesting to discover how many people you know who have such artistic ability. Look around your own  group of friends and see how many have such talent. One of my sisters is a visual artist and the other in Cambridge is a word artist. What talent!