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Artist Sister

Sister Frances is showing her artistic skill. I recently got these photos from husband Geoff, and was really surprised to see them. They show real talent. I had no idea she could produce such works of art. But then when I look into her/our past I should not have been surprised.

Our father had a natural talent as an artist and produced many sketches and drawings. After producing them he used them to light the fire in the living room next day! Even so it was clear he had a talent and I remember he talked to his children about art and drawing and encouraged us to draw and paint at school.

I remember Frances producing interesting sketches, paintings and drawings at that time. As she grew up I do not remember her producing any more, or talking about painting and drawing. Getting married and having a family became her priority.

I am really pleased that she has gone back to her artistic roots and started to paint/sketch again. Keep it up Frances and ask Geoff to send me more of your works. As my family knows, they love dogs and recently adopted another couple. Waiting for drawings of the new members of the family.

I was prompted to post these drawings/paintings to share them with Patrizia. She is in my new English class and we had an interesting discussion about pets and dogs only yesterday. Patrizia also loves dogs and she had one for 17 years. I showed her photos of dog lovers in my family from images in my blog and we had an interesting discussion.

Hope you like these images Patrizia and I look forward to talking about them with you next Wednesday. I have added Frances’ painting of a bowl of flowers. This shows a real ability different from painting animals. Well done!