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A Dram

Just opened an E-mail from Falk and Elvira. Nice photo of a glass. Guess which drink it was designed for and which country?  Okay, you give up so I will tell you. For whisky and Scotland.

Having a ‘wee dram’ is a long tradition in Scotland and I note the modern design of the glass. You can hold this one in the palm of your hand while talking to friends. As you do so, the heat from your hand warms the whisky and releases more flavours to add to its taste. Mmmmh…..

Off to Hamburg tomorrow with Daniel. I am standing in for his father and have to wear a tie and jacket/suit for the event! Daniel is attending a meeting of students getting financial help to study. The foundation is paying for all to meet up tomorrow.

It will be the first time Daniel has travelled on a German train. I’m taking my camera so hope to get some photos of an interesting city to share with you via my blog.