Left bed

Party prep

Today is party preparation day. The party is tomorrow. Guests will arrive from 12:00 noon with the ceremony starting at 12:30 pm. It is called a Richtfest which translates as a topping-out or roofing ceremony. The buildings concerned are just in front of my flat and I have shared stories and photos of this construction since it began.

This morning a new gang of workers arrived to add to the banging and shouting of the construction workers. Their task was to construct the tents/pavilions and wooden flooring needed for the party. At the moment the weather here is very nice with 25°C blue sky and sun. The tents are just in case the weather changes and we get rain.

Tomorrow morning I am going to Kerstin’s Oldie Keep Fit Gang, as usual, then taking about ten steps from my door to enter the party tents. I expect a number of speeches before the free-for-all rush to the buffet, drinks table and grill area. I shall be at the back of the guests so I don’t have far to run to get to the food and drink 🙂

With so much munching and slurping the guests will need you-know-what. Yes, the toilets arrived after the tents were put up. There are eight of them. Four for ladies and four for gents. Guess what the toilet company is called. Yes it is Toi-Toi!  They were set up right in front of my bedroom window. Why me?