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Tree Cutting

Some people have interesting jobs. Tree Cutting must be one and with an element of danger. I posted photos months ago showing a man running up trees to cut down the branches then the trunks to clear the ground for the building site opposite where I live.

I enjoyed the same spectacle yesterday. Different man and different company, but I enjoyed his performance. He was contracted by the company which maintains our gardens. The problem was that in the last storm some branches had knocked off tiles from a roof and were growing into a wall.

Time to call in Mr. Tree Climber. He wears a special safety harness and always works with someone on the ground. He also has saws and cutters hanging from his clothes. He climbs about like a large
monkey and clearly enjoys the work.

He saw me taking photos. I used my extra long lens to get close in. He saw me and smiled – as you can see. After clearing away all the branches near the end of the house/flats, he descended, took of his harness then sat with his workmate and had a coffee break.  I wonder when retirement age is when you have such a job?