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Stefan visit

Stefan came to visit yesterday evening. I can hear the Silsdeners saying. “Who is Stefan”. He belongs to Jan’s Gang who went to school together, grew up together and after university still keep in touch with each other. Dr. Peter is another member of the gang.

Stefan lives in Göttingen, which is a famous old university town south-west of Berlin. He was in Berlin visiting his parents and called to see if I would be at home. He duly arrived on his bike, with a rucksack full of electronic gadgets.

One of which was a stick containing all the photos from his recent visit to South Africa. He went to visit his lady friend who has just got her doctorate and is working there. We started with a traditional G & T which was Stefan’s request. He certainly looks happy with his choice.

We talked about everything possible, including his new job and flat in Halle, which he is moving to at the end of this month. We also spent some time looking at his SA photographs. He did admit that he needed to edit them. Even so it was interesting to see a country which I have not been to.

They went on a two week tour of the south of the country taking in both coasts, mountains, wild animals, jungle areas and deserts. We had a break at 10.00pm, as you can see from the photo of me making a light salad for supper. Don’t tell my doctor that I ate after 7:00pm!

It was really great to see him again and have the time to just chat and develop themes. He now only speaks English with me and has a good command of the language.
 Safe journey home Stefan and good luck with the new job and flat.