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Muscles August

Muscles has just arrived in Berlin. He sent me an interesting e-mail at midnight from Keleti railway station in Budapest. It was full of what he had done in August.

He was on the move a lot. I think I must be the only ex-Sildsdener to have been to all the places he mentioned. He went to the Basilica in Esztergom – somewhere in my blog are photos of me at the same place and many others he mentions.

He then went to the castle at Budapest, Eger, which is famous for red wine, Wien/Vienna, Szigat, Miskolc to stay with his parents, Lake Balaton to stay with his grandparents, to the High Tatra mountains in Slovakia, Bukk on a bicycle tour and Debrecen.

He met his old school friends, Denes and Csaba, who are also the subject of earlier blog posts. In Debrecen they celebrated Csaba’s 21st birthday. They were also together in Eger where I think this photos must have been taken. Denes is holding a bottle of local red wine.

Looking forward to meeting you Marcel and catching up on your news. Welcome back to Berlin, your university, and lots of studying!