Left bed

Fifty Thousand

When I opened my blog to post about the Fotoclub and Stefan I noted my counter recorded 50,008 hits. Hit means the number if times my blog had been accessed. I think I shall continue to write my blog. Actually I enjoy trying to match photos with text.

Lets look at the figures. Although registered earlier I actually started it in 2008. That means 7 years to get to 50,000. This is slightly over 7,000 hits per year = about 590 per month = nearly 150 per week = 21 hits a day. In fact, the number of hits has increased considerable during the last three years.

Some of you have even told me you like to look at the photos and only scan the text! This always makes me smile for these comments come mainly from people who have had a university education. I wonder what their Professors would say about that :-))

I decided to post a photo of Stefan showing his appreciation of a cool G & T. A nice way to celebrate all your visits to my blog over the last seven years. Here’s to the next seven year. Cheers!!!