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September 2015 Things

I hope September will be as exciting as August! I got back from Lisbon/Lisboa just after midnight. I finally managed to sleep but woke early. Oh, no! Now I need a few days to adjust. Lisbon is great and I had a marvelous time exploring it with Prof.Dr. Peter von LL and his Mutti. 

Peter was invited to give a paper at the ERSA 55th Congress. If you remember I went with him to such a conference last August in St. Petersburg. I shall be posting more information about this during the week.

I shall also post about a number of visitors I had, and some nice people at a wedding. I just need time to select the photographs, re-size them with my programmes and post with text. I note that as we enter September a lot of my usual activities start after the summer break. Happy to say that it is still hot and sunny in Berlin.

Who has a birthday in September? Lynne starts us off when she celebrates her ‘over 65th birthday’ with Alan in ‘Casland’ on 1st September. The 6th September is special, for Charlotte in London will be 24, Nevand in Berlin will be 8 and Arancha in Holland will be 31 on that day. Not often we get so many on the same day. Liebe Andrea will celebrate her 30th birthday with husband Marco on the 8th. Stephen G. in Cambridge will hit 45 on the 22nd, Sylvana in Berlin will celebrate her 55th with Mathias on the 25th, and back to Cambridge where Lew celebrates his ‘one year older’ birthday on the 27th with my sister Pauline! Silke has her 45th on the 28th in Berlin and my nephew Jefferson hits all of 42 and will celebrate with his family on the 29th. Happy Birthday to each and all!!