Left bed

Keeping Cool

Another wonderful day of sun, blue sky and 30°C temperature. I decided to have a lazy day. Why not for I did not have any appointments.

 I spent most of my time on the balcony with a book called The German Genius. I’ve posted about this before. I got to page 621. Only another 247 pages to go!

Starting next Sunday I have two very busy weeks. Visitors, wedding and flight to another country. That is another reason I relaxed all day. Tomorrow starts with Kerstin and the Movement Oldies, before going to a SPD meeting outside a large disused building not far from where I live.

The building is now used to house 1,000 refugees mainly from Syria and Iraq. They need help of all kinds for they do not speak German. The younger ones speak English. Let’s see what happens. I also help senior refugees in another centre/home in the same way.

Today, Colin and gang left for a week in, and around Dresden. It is a really interesting part of Germany and well worth a visit and spending some time there.

Two days ago they visited me. We started with a very cool G&T before moving to a restaurant/bar of their choice. We had a meal which started with a round of beer – as you can see from the photos :-))