Left bed

Smaller Tall Crane

As you know, there is a building site opposite my flat. This morning I awoke to new sounds. A large mobile crane was being positioned around the corner. The ‘climbers’ arrived in a separate van, parked it outside my flat, munched on sandwiches and sipped coffee.

Other workers galloped around the mobile crane getting it ready. This allowed me time to wash my face, make a pot of green tea and get my camera ready. I now have three lenses to choose from and selected the zoom lens.

The ‘climbers’ got word all was ready so off they went to climb the tall crane. Its little brother is not far away! The driver went with them making a team of three. They set to work immediately and it wasn’t long before they were ready to remove the long forward part of the crane. Here is a photo of it hanging from the mobile crane.

Next was to dismantle the rear part holding all the counter weights. They also had to separate two metal support lines. Here is a photo after they had just done so. The rest of the story is in the next post. Just look at the blue sky. Yes, it really is summer and today we enjoyed 37°C. Nice weather to dismantle a crane!