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August 2015 Things

Summer arrived today! Amazing and it is supposed to last until Thursday! Yes, apart from a few hot days we have not had much of a summer so far. My balcony recorded 28°C late morning before I left for a bicycle ride.

I had a very interesting and varied July. The high spot was of course a special wedding in Oviedo. The month ended with a very quiet week with lots of time for me to relax and read. From next week things begin to return to normal.

I’m meeting Johanna, Colin (over from Australia) and friends tomorrow for an evening concert in Spandau, next day is a job interview for teaching. On Wednesday is my Fotoclub and I have some photos to show them. Thursday is a meeting with my Oldie Fitness Gang led by Kerstin. It is our big summer garden party meeting. I shall make a special post about this :-))

Later in August is a visit from Nicholas, Julie and children, another teaching interview, meet Alan and Lynne in Berlin, then fly to Lisbon to end the month. Lots of interesting things on the monthly agenda!

I attach a photo I took very late on Saturday. From my balcony I could see a bright moon shining behind drifting clouds and all framed by leaves from the big tree in the garden. I took lots of shots with different lenses and settings with mostly very bad results. Problem of capturing so much darkness. I finally settled on this to share with you. I am still learning how to use a camera!

Who has a birthday in August?  Shirley in Florida and Christian D. in Berlin started us off with their birthdays on the 1st August. Beatrix D. will be 42 on the 6th, Jerome will be all of 21 on the 8th. Jürgen in Juterbog will be 71 on the 24th, Angelika hits 63 on the 25th followed by my dear sister Pauline in Cambridge who will celebrate her 71st on the 26th. Dieter in Juterbog celebrates his 71st with Jürgen on the 27th and my Jan will be all of 32 on the 28th. He shares this day with Bernard P who will be 55 on that day and they end this birthday month. Happy Birthday to each and all!!!