Left bed


Have you updated your computer/laptop/netbook to Windows 10 ?  I did yesterday afternoon. Before pressing the update button I had all my documents and records about the computer and its systems – just in case! I didn’t need them.

The online update went smoothly. Just allow at least one hour. In my case nearly two for I read all the conditions and download contract, and all in legal German! As the download began I had to smile at the text. Microsoft making a joke at its own expense.

“Windows-Upgrade wird durchgeführt: Ihr PC wird einige Male neu gestarted, währenddessen können Sie sich entspannt zurücklehnen.”  This translates as: Windows Update will commence. Your PC will be re-started a few times, while this is happening you can lay back and relax.”

I did with a few cups of tea. Now I am learning changes to the system and how to use it. It is not very different from my old one.