Left bed


What could you see outside your bedroom window last Monday morning? I watched repairs to one of the two cranes on the building site opposite my home.

On Saturday I noticed the crane on the left of my window was clearly not happy! It was not swinging with changes in the wind, the long cable was hanging low, plus the chain was moving around in the middle of the crane, where it should not have been!

I was not the only one to notice an unhappy crane. On Monday morning a repair truck arrived and two men slowly began to climb the crane. I had time to get my camera out and prepare different lenses. I went to the repair truck and got into conversation with the driver.

He was interested in my camera and told me he had a Canon and enjoyed taking photos. I snapped away as we talked and exchanged experiences of learning how to use such a camera. Nice chat.

Here are the results: The first is of the two repairers with the crane driver making some repairs to a movable section. One of the repair men then put on a jacket with lots of hooks attached to the movable bit and off he went to the end of the crane.

The next is of him working at the end of the crane and the final shot is of him returning to the relative safety of the main section of the crane. Shortly after the crane driver did a lot of checks, all were happy with the results and then the repairmen climbed down to their truck and drove away.

An interesting start to the week and I still wonder how a man can repair a crane with only a chain/belt to save his life if anything went wrong. I could not do that job. Could you?