Left bed


As I write, Lord Ian von McClan-M. has made it to Heathrow, settled into his Business Class seat, sipped a coffee offered by a steward/ess, read a paper, dozed, and had a meal. He is probably dozing again and dreaming of arriving in Sydney tomorrow to be greeted by the charming Birgit!

Perhaps he is also dreaming of renting a property near to Dumfries in the county of Ayrshire in the country of Scotland. Could he be dreaming of renting a hut for his next visit?

If so, it will be very different from the property he rented on his recent visit to Scotland in ‘Yew-Ro-Pa’. Look at this photo. Ian sent it with the short message that he rented a large house in Scotland and spent 10 days in it with 29 adults and 10 kids.

I wonder if that is the understatement of the year? I know many of the people who were with him from our uni days, and even spoke to a couple on their return home. Well, what do you rent for a week or two when you go on holiday? Ever rented a small palace?