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Just contrast the colours and light in these images with those in my last post. Big difference isn’t there?

I got the photos in a holiday report from Wolfgang. I’ve mentioned him before for he organises the SSO  concerts to raise money for charities. He went on holiday to Thailand and to visit a friend who lives on the north-east coast.

At the moment he is in Singapore visiting more friends and I ‘m looking forward to hearing about that. He shares his visits with me because, as you know, I was there at the beginning of the year and he enjoyed reading about my adventures and seeing my photos.

The first photo is of the Rayong Coast. The next is Rayong Fishing Boats which is my favourite. I think he should get a prize for taking this shot. It is perfect. When I look at it I relax and imagine being there seeing the gentle movement of the waves and light/shadows on the water.

The third is of the Wat Ban Rai showing its ceramics and mosaics. The last shot is of a National Park. Very nice indeed and thanks for sending them Wolfgang so I can share the views with my readers. Have a safe flight home next week.