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Der Tagesspiegel

This morning I visited the offices of Der Tagesspiegel. This translates into English as The Daily Mirror. It is very different from the tabloid bearing that name in the UK. In terms of content, language level and presentation it is comparable to The Guardian in the UK.

Here is a photo of Alan reading it in the computer booth of the hotel in Oviedo. I sent this image to son Daniel in Australia who liked the switch. He is always criticising Dad for reading the Daily Mail. I won’t try to describe that paper, but if anyone gives you a copy, pick it up with thumb and forefinger and drop it in a waste bin. Then wash your hands with strong detergent!!

This morning I went with my SPD Seniors to see how it is produced. The office is in the centre of Berlin and we all went there by car. Security was tight so that is why I did not take my camera. Pity for I could have got some interesting shots.

We entered the building courtesy of an employee who organises tours and started with cold drinks, biscuits and discussion about the newspaper. I found this very interesting and learnt/ed(This verb is irregular in the UK and regular in the USA, hence the different endings. It is not the only one!) a lot about how the paper is put together.

We then went on a tour of the building and saw many rooms full of people staring into computer screens. The old fashioned reporter was not there, but somewhere on the streets of Berlin where he/she should be getting news on the spot. Here is a copy of today’s paper with a pen and notepad each of us got to remind us of our visit. What did you do this morning?