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July 2015 things

I really am late with this post. Sorry about that but I thought I had posted before I went to Spain. My memory of planning must be lacking something! I last posted 9 days ago. I usually try to post twice a week depending on what is happening in my life in Berlin.

I went to Spain on 2nd July and shall be making a number of new posts with lots of photos in the next couple of days. Looking at my diary for July I note the onset of summer in Berlin. That means many of the things I do are on hold during July and August and start again in September.

I have more time to enjoy Berlin and the area around it via train journeys and my bicycle. Of course that all depends on the weather. Recently we had some very hot sunny days but that broke up and we are back to storms and rain!

Looking into my diary for July I see less appointments and meetings so let’s jump immediately into asking who has a birthday, or special event,  in July?

Laura Bolton in Yorkshire celebrated her 19th birthday on the 1st July and so opened the month for us. Jütta M. in Berlin celebrated her 66th with Gerald on the 2nd. On the 3rd I thought about David who died 7 years ago and only 31 years old. I visited him in hospital just before he died. My Acer laptop had its 4th birthday on the 6th. On the 24th I shall have a special G&T to celebrate getting German citizenship three years ago. Adele in Yorkshire has a birthday on the 26th and so ends the month of celebrations. Happy Birthday to each and all!!