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Muggelsee and Wedding

I visited Oldie H on Saturday after Muscles left for work. He lives near to Muggelsee, which I have reported about many times. I went there to celebrate his 78th birthday. He spent the day with his family and friends but was happy to celebrate again with me.

His health is clearly deteriorating and this adds a dimension to sharing and celebrating such a day. We had traditional coffee and cakes, then a few glasses of sekt (it is like champagne) to celebrate his special day.

We agreed to meet after my visit to Spain which starts tomorrow. Yes, I am flying to Oviedo to attend Jan and Arancha’s wedding. We’ve had the hottest day of the year so far today and that could be good preparation for my visit to Spain which is even hotter!

I have just packed my bag, selected which suit etc to wear and decided to go to the airport in summer attire. It is forecast to be just as hot here tomorrow. I am really looking forward to the weekend which includes meeting Alan and Lynne and all of Jan’s school friends.

I shall not post to my blog until I return, so come back next Tuesday and see the photos I have taken of  a very special wedding :-))