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Change of Plans

Sometimes we all have to be flexible. In my last post I told you that I was going to Rathenow on Sunday. It is a town of 24 thousand people about 70 kilometres west of Berlin. It is famous for its optical factories in the late 1800s, and close links to Otto von Bismarck, in addition to a big garden/flower show.

I am not going there on Sunday. A couple of the Oldies called to say they were having visits from family = children and grandchildren. We have delayed the visit to Rathenow for two weeks. That means when I get back from my big Spain adventure starting next week.

Instead, I am going to K&K at Muggelsee to celebrate an Oldie birthday. Wonder what kind of cakes will be on offer!  In an hour or so, Marcel will arrive. We have not seen each other for some time so we have lots of news to catch up on. He will be cooking this evening – his wish and I was happy to nod my head in agreement :-))

He is working locally tomorrow so will return to stay over until Monday. Then it is back to uni and maths. I have a document for him to look at. It is about biology but has lots of modeling and mathematical formula. My job is to check the English before it goes for publication. Main problem, as usual, is the use of tenses!

I am sure I shall post about Marcel cooking again and sipping a cool G&T. Come back and read my posts in a few days. Have a nice weekend.

The photos in this post are of my camera with the little and big brother tripods. I got them out and played around with them as preparation for my Rathenow visit. I shall play around with them again in a couple of weeks before I finally make it there.