Left bed


I like doing things and I also like relaxing – usually with a book made of paper read in the sun :-)) As you know I go to a German course each Tuesday morning and in the afternoon I return for a Spanish for Seniors Course at Beginner Level. I really enjoy both because of the people I meet. In the German course I met Maria who is now my Tandem Spanish helper.

The Spanish connection goes back many years when my contract ended at Bremen University and I was on my way to Madrid to teach at the British Council School. I stopped over in Berlin, got a job at the British Council School in Berlin and never got to Madrid.

The decision to start again with Spanish was prompted by Jan getting married to Arancha. Yes, in exactly one week I shall be in Ovieda and at their wedding reception. Last week I was asked if I would teach a course for German Seniors at the place where I have my German/Spanish lessons.

I agreed and start in September. I recently got a copy of the advert for my course. It was made by a young Russian man who now lives in Berlin. Well done Mr Designer! I really like your idea. What do you my readers think?

Yesterday I got a call from Marcel. What a surprise for we last met on 10 May. He asked if he could visit tomorrow, cook and stay over. Of course I said, YES! He surprised me by asking if he could make Gin and Tonic for us. Again, I agreed and bought the supplies this afternoon. Need to get all cool in the fridge before we sample the contents and cook the evening meal.

On Sunday, I am going to Rathenau with Oldie H, and a few others, to see a garden/flower show. I shall take my camera and share the event with you via my blog. Have a nice weekend each and all – I shall!