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Ian Oz

Also in Berlin was Ian. He flew in from Ozland which as you know is short for Australia. He actually flew to London and then to the west of Germany. Having sorted out business in both places he arrived in Berlin to stay with friends and play ‘Uncle Ian’ to their children.

We arranged to meet in Alexander Platz. Ian said he would like to have some time outside the city and in the east. We walked to the S-Bahn and took a train to Strausberg, one of my favourite places. Ian had never been there before and relaxed as we sped through the flat green countryside.

We took a tram to the town centre and went to a restaurant for lunch. Very tasty! We had a slow walk to the north of the lake and returned to have Kaffee und Kuchen at my favourite cafe. It is near the ferry and path leading to the south of the lake.

I always go there for the owner likes to speak English with me. We had strawberry cake with whipped cream and coffee. Delicious! We had showers throughout our time there and as we waited for the return S-Bahn, I changed camera lenses and took a few shots of rain on leaves. Here is the result of one shot.

Ian and I are meeting on Monday afternoon before he leaves for Austria and then back to Australia. Looking forward to seeing him again. Perhaps we’ll find some more strawberry cake :-))