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Yesterday evening I went to the three day German-Russian Festival. I went there last year and posted a report on my blog. The weather was fine in the morning and then clouded over as the day advanced. I decided to go before the storm came and I managed it.

This festival started in the 1990s, after German re-unification. By then many German-Russians, after generations, were leaving the ex-Soviet Union and moving back to Germany. Many settled in Marzahn in the north-east of Berlin where I started my life here.

The festival is designed to foster the best of both cultures and I think it succeeds very well in doing that. It has a really pleasant happy atmosphere and I like moving around and hearing both languages spoken. Yesterday I heard many young people moving in and out of both languages depending on who they were speaking to.

I particularly like the range of music on offer over the three days of the event. Yesterday I listened to/watched a trio play classical music, enjoyed a wonderful ladies choir, watched Russian males full of testosterone challenging each other to arm wrestling, and watching kids enjoying all kinds of activities.

I should not forget to mention the wide variety of foods on offer and of course, beer! A really great time and I made it back home just as the first raindrops fell. I think the photos say it better than I can.