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Fit Family

Just look at this photo of a fit family! They look really happy and healthy. What a good advertisement for sport/keep fit and life in Bremen. Yes, Silsdeners, it is Holger and Gabi with daughter Lena (21) and son Jonas (18). Long time no see, but I have known for years that Holger reads my blog and so keeps up with news of my family and friends.

We first met around 1986, in Brighton. He was with Rolf and a couple of other ‘back-packers’ having a look at the south-east coast of England. I had just left India (biggest mistake of my life) and was looking for another way out of the UK. They helped me and so started another chapter. This time in Bremen. I only planned to stay a couple of years before going to Madrid. That was the plan but Berlin got in the way!

Holger sent me news of the family and what all are doing and their future plans. He also gave me permission to use the photo in a blog post. Thanks for that Holger!  Jonas has just finished his Abitur/’A’ Levels and wants to have a break before going to university. He wants to live in England and learn what he calls ‘real’ English. I shall work with his parents to find something suitable there.

Talking of travel: I got a call from Jan yesterday evening. He was in his local airport waiting for a flight to Oslo. A business meeting there with a couple of other engineers from his company. I’ve never been to Oslo. The nearest I got was a two week tour around Sweden a few years ago. Ian in ‘Ozland’ also has travel on his mind. He will be packing his bag soon to visit ‘Yew-Ro-Pa’. See both of you in Berlin in a few weeks – and have a safe flight!