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Pol Shop

I popped over to Poland this morning. What were you doing at 11.00 this morning? I was on my way to Lichtenberg station to pick up a train. I got a call from Oldie H. a few days ago asking if I wanted to go to Küstrin/Kostrzyn. I replied in the affirmative.

I have been there a number of times and posted details on my blog. The weather promised to be good and I had nothing better to do. We met on the platform and six minutes later jumped into the regional train. We both have travel cards which allow us to travel all over the area on all kinds of public services, so we didn’t have to buy a ticket for this journey.

Oldie H. wanted to buy some plants for his balcony and a summer jacket. I didn’t want to buy anything but just enjoy the travel and sights. In Kostrzyn there is a special market area selling all kinds of things to mainly German day trippers. Some of the stuff on offer can only be described as tasteless, but then there are always lots of tasteless people to buy it.

I always enjoy looking for a Polish restaurant offering local dishes. I found another one and the food was delicious. Later I talked to the lady who cooked it and she said she always thought about her husband and his tastes when she cooked. Thanks Mr. Husband!

I had to take a pic of the sign advertising the shopping market. I think you can understand it. I bought some plants to put on my balcony. Here is a pic of them. They appear to be happy now they have space to spread their roots.