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In Love

I’m in love :-)) It all happened yesterday after  I left the restaurant with the Walking Oldies. We took the once an hour ferry across to Rahnsdorf on the north side of the channel connecting Small and Large Müggelsee.

We walked towards a street on which Angelika and family have a house and then it happened. From out of a house just before Angelika’s, a woman stepped in front of me with Big-Dog.

I stared, my heart beat quicker, my eyes almost popped out of my head. I stopped the lady and asked her about Big-Dog. She told me the breed, which I cannot now remember. I told her about Fran and Geoff and Barbara in Silsden who love dogs.

She agreed with my request to photo Big-Dog and share it via my blog. After taking the photo, Big-Dog looked at me and I swear he smiled. I could not resist giving him a big cuddle and stroking his head. Big-Dog clearly liked this.

I told lady owner that I was going to steal him and run away. She just laughed and said I was not the first to say that. I think I shall return and steal him when lady owner is not looking. How could anyone not fall in love with this dog?