Left bed

Another floor

I have posted regularly about the building opposite my flat. Okay, I may have not done so for a while but I left you with images of the ground floor and start of building the first floor above it.

In German the ground floor is the Erdgeschoss. Thanks for the comment which corrects my first text!

Building continued as the weeks ticked by and now we have three stories with the fourth one about to be built.  All I can see from my bedroom window is the wall with gaps where the windows will be.

Gone is the afternoon sunshine as the sun settles into the west. Also gone are the trees, grass and everything green that made this street do pleasant to live in. Thank goodness I still have the big green garden and trees at the back.

I’ll keep you posted as the building gets higher and adds windows, water, sanitation system and electricity.  In short, all the things we need to make living between four walls a pleasant experience.