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Scharnweber re-visited

On Tuesday I went to my German lesson in the morning – as usual. Maria was there as well as the teacher. Just the three of us. It was a pleasant but intensive session. Maria and I agreed to meet on Wednesday. I then read some Spanish vocabulary before setting off for lunch.

I used to live in that area. It was the end of the 1990’s. I set off to explore the streets. I walked along the main road called Frankfurter Allee. There are two big shopping centres opposite the school. I turned to the left and then into a street behind. It is called Scharnweber Strasse.

I hadn’t wandered around here for more years than I can remember and have very mixed feelings about my time there. I stopped in a local cafe for a coffee and sandwich. A number of locals were sitting outside and eating when not smoking. Smoking is not allowed in any place where food is served.

From there I wandered further until I came to my old address. I stared at the building. It had not changed. Here is a photo of where I lived. My flat was at the bottom of the building, first floor on the right of the photo you can see my small balcony. What memories came back!

Next day I met Maria. We are a ‘Tandem Couple’. She helps me to learn new words in Spanish and with the pronunciation. In exchange I help her with her English. We have been doing this for four weeks now. We meet in the canteen of the Ministry of Education building in Alexander Platz.

She learns German in a building around the corner – where I used to teach many years ago! The canteen offers good food at a reasonable price so I am always happy to go there when I am in the area. I used to work at a college around the corner so I know about this facility.

As Maria helped me, I noticed a picture on the wall behind her head. I decided I had to have this, but I only had the phone in my camera. Even so, I decided to take a shot. Here it is. I really like this image and congratulate the artist/photographer who created the original. Sorry, but I don’t know your name.

Maria helped me with my homework and talked about her father who was having an operation for skin cancer on that very day. I think our meeting and discussion stopped her thinking and worrying about him for a few hours. I hope the operation went well.  And that was my Tuesday and Wednesday.