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Another Peeee

A couple of posts ago I added a photo of me as a pope/Papst created by Werner. Here is another one created by Jan. I was very surprised to receive it and assumed he had created it by using Photoshop. Not true – he told me he used Powerpoint.

I’m still trying to work out how you can move images around via Powerpoint. It is a famous Microsoft programme to assemble data/charts/images and present to others while talking about the main point. Powerpoint when used correctly is only there to present visual information repeating your audio  information.

I wondered, and still wonder, how Jan did this. I must discuss this further when he visits Berlin in mid-June to celebrate the end of the bachelor part of his life!  As I write these words he is in a plane flying home after completing a work contract in another part of the world.

No details but I can reveal he stopped over for a couple of days in Singapore and sent this photo of his hotel swimming pool. From simply looking at this, I know where it is in Singapore. Notice the grey sky so I think it was taken in the evening – but the pool is relatively full. That can only mean it was warm and humid.

Tomorrow he will be safely at home and can enjoy the long holiday weekend with Milady A. Have a great weekend Jan and thanks for sending information about your travel progress to stop us ‘worriers ‘ from being worried!! 🙂