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Oz News

More news from Ozland via Colin. I was surprised to read his weather report. He says they have rain, strong winds and cold icy mornings. Do you remember seeing me posing in 30+°C in front of The Three Sisters at the start of the Blue Mountains?  There was snow there last Thursday! Not as I remember it!

As you know I went on a walk with his local Oldies and he sent me photos of their latest gallop. Here is his comment and in his words: “Went for another jaunt with the walking group on Thursday, this time on the southern side of the harbour from Martin Place down through the Sydney Botanical Garden, along to Wooloomooloo then over the hill to Elizabeth Bay and Rushcutters Bay for a pleasant lunch in the sunshine accompanied by a cold wind.”

Wish I had been there. Please send them my best wishes. He also told me it snowed in Canberra last week. I should not be surprised for the season there is moving from autumn to winter and I only experienced late summer. Even so, dressing in warm winter woolies is not how I remember life in Ozland!

Colin, although you are coming to Berlin in August please send news until then. I am sure many of my readers would enjoy reading about life there and the changing of the seasons. For example, next week he is driving west to spend some time in Willandra National Park and he is active in a model plane association. How about news of that Colin – and photos?